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      DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno®

      Medical Formula ProImmuno® is a product composed of carefully selected natural ingredients that create a unique composition, consistent with the principles of synergism. The operation of many of the raw materials used has been confirmed by numerous scientific publications and clinical trials. In the light of scientific research, the ingredients of DuoLife Medical Formula ProImmuno® can directly contribute to supporting …

    • Supplements in Capsules

      ProOptical – DuoLife Clinical Formula

      DuoLife Clinical Formula ProOptical® marks a new chapter in dietary supplementation – a source of natural compounds that protect the eyes, in the form of an innovative, biphasic capsule with prolonged release. The preparation contains a number of ingredients that have undergone rigorous clinical trials (on more than 4,200 patients).

    • Liquid Supplements

      SunVital® Natural KIDS Formula

      SunVital® is a beginning of DuoLife Kids Formula product line, dedicated to the youngest. The syrup contains natural plant substances and organic zinc. Red grapes, blackberry fruits, wild rose, honey, black lilac, acerola fruit, African geranium, pumpkin seeds, garlic, pan-like rosemary, and organic zinc. The unique composition of ingredients selected in the right proportions, allows you to take care of the immune …

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      DuoLife ProDeacid

      ProDeacid regulates pH level, which allows to preserve our body in an optimal condition.

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      DuoLife ProSugar

      ProSugar® helps to preserve required cholesterol level and reduces the temptation to eat sweets.

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      DuoLife ProCardiol

      ProCardiol® is a plentiful source of natural substances that protect the whole circulatory system.

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      DuoLife BorelissPro

      BorelissPro®stimulate the immune system of the body and soothe the effects of tick bites.

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      DuoLife ProCholetrol

      ProCholterol® is a plentiful source of natural substances that allow to regulate and preserve cholesterol on the optimal level.

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      DuoLife ProMigren

      ProMigren® support naturally proper functioning of nervous system and stimulate body immune system.

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      DuoLife ProRelaxin

      ProRelaxin® supplement, thanks to its well-balanced composition, helps to calm your nerves efficiently, makes it easier to fall asleep and reestablishes emotional balance.

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      DuoLife ProSelect

      ProSelect®reduces the content of free radicals in blood which results in increased ability to antioxidate.

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      DuoLife ProStik

      ProStik® helps to keep good condition of your muscles and joints and assure their flexibility and mobility thanks to its unique formula.

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      DuoLife ProSlimer

      ProSlimer®allows to lose weight effectively. It stimulates metabolic processes, reduces adipose tissue and regulates body water balance. It also helps to keep a proper cholesterol level and stimulates digestive processes.