Vitamin B17 doesn’t formally belong to the vitamins, especially those of the B group that we associate with. The definition says that they are responsible for metabolic transformations and the processes of making DNA and new cells in the body. Why isn’t Vitamin B17 in this honorable circle? Probably because it’s not formally a vitamin and many doctors warn that it may be dangerous.

Ernst T. Krebs, a biochemist, who not only distinguished a new affair by giving him B17 and laetrile but also by his late days promoted him as an effective cancer drug. It was in the 1950’s and yet B17 is still not considered a vitamin.

Amigdaline (laetrile, letril), or Vitamin B17, is an organic compound of glycosides that can be found in many plant seeds. The best sources include almonds, quince, cherries, apricots, and peaches.

In the 1950’s, American doctors with Dr. Krebs led the thesis that cancer is nothing but a Vitamin B17 deficiency disease.

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