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Hey everybody, it’s Charlotte with the

Wooden Wick Co. and today on Makers Moments

I’m going to be telling you why 100% soy wax…sucks! Yes, I said

it! maybe not a popular opinion, but 100% soy wax can be

incredibly difficult to work with,

especially for beginners. 100% soy wax is

widely used and popular because it is 100% natural, however there

are lots of other natural alternatives

out there that give you a nice, creamy,

smooth top, and you don’t have to deal

with all of the headaches that come

along with 100% soy. So what

are these issues with 100% soy?

Some of them include sinkholes, which

are craters or air pockets on the

surface of your candle. Others include

frosting, poor cold and hot throw, not so

even surfaces, and just overall not so

pretty tops. So if you’re looking for a

beautiful, smooth creamy top on your

candle, switch to a soy alternative like

our Virgin Coconut Soy. And don’t forget

to subscribe to our channel for 7SKU Wholesale all the

latest makers tips and tricks. Happy