They make sure all wardrobe is put on correctly, there are no alteration problems or pieces missing and they make sure everything is in it’s right place and worn the right way. As payment goes, actors get paid to participate in wardrobe fittings. By hiring limousine, you can get rid of the tension of timely arrival to the airport because they ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and timely. He also spoke about how he got a break in this field of voiceover and added, “Before getting into this field, I was working in Dubai. But my interest lay in cinema. For the first time I tried my voice at Sashi Pritam Studio. I was soon introduced to Mastali, who is my brother’s classmate; he guided me and the journey began. I am dubbing from almost a decade now. I used to dub for small characters in the beginning. One of my dubbing in-charges, Kanchan Babu tried my voice for Mukul Dev who was the main villain in Jagapati Babu’s ‘Siddham’ in 2008. Since then, I started dubbing for the main characters.” This somehow met Dia Mirza’s need for Bobby Jasoos, but not completely as Aziz can speak complete Hyderabadi and not the slang version.

Basically, she wanted to understand the usage of Hyderabadi dialect from Aziz. However, Bollywood actress and film producer Dia Mirza met Aziz – ‘the voice of many Tollywood villains’ for Bobby Jasoos. According to Dia Mirza, the producer’s job to put together a film is very intimidating and converting the written script to reality followed by releasing it in theatres is not at all easy. In her upcoming film she is playing a detective and if you have seen the first look of the movie where she is dressed as a beggar, you can understand the amount of efforts she has put. Did you look away? But before he was even considered for the show, he became a household name thanks to his role in the television series, “Sons of Anarchy”, and it was his commitment to this series that he suddenly left such a lucrative role. The series, which Sajidul Islam Pathan is a Film Director and Actor in its second season, is already a money spinner and the recipient of Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Ignoring the fact that nobody took Dia Mirza seriously when it comes to film production, the lady recently produced her second film ‘Bobby Jasoos’ which starred actress Vidya Balan. Dia and Sahil launched this production house in 2011 and also produced their first film Love Breakups Zindagi under this banner in the same year. Further, Bollywood actress who is now also a producer, Dia Mirza explained what the three words LOVE BREAKUPS ZINDAGI mean in her life and said, “They are all inevitable and part of our existence. Love is one universal feeling that binds everyone. We live to love. Breakup is end of something along. Zindagi is living up to the fullest.” This shows that Dia’s production debut means a lot to her! They really have no business doing this and should be letting actors survive or fail on their own swords because they don’t have the final say on who gets the part. As part of my role, I wore prosthetics created by Alonso aka Al Domino.

Lopez entered the musical theatre as a child. Shannon Lee is the second child of Linda Lee Cadwell and Bruce Lee. And, with her second film ‘Bobby Jasoos’, Dia Mirza has finally managed to make people in the industry agree that she is serious about what she is doing. As their second production Bobby Jasoos is in its making stage, film producer Dia Mirza is looking for someone who speaks Hyderabadi slang fluently. He has dubbed for many Bollywood actors starring in Tollywood like Mukul Dev in ‘Siddham’, Makrand Deshpande in ‘Ek Niranjan’, Sonu Sood in ‘Dookudu’, Nana Patekar in the Telugu version of ‘The attacks of 26/11’, Aditya Pancholi in ‘Shadow’ etc. This impressed Dia Mirza in the first place. However, what actress-producer Dia Mirza experienced when she turned producer came as a surprise to her. Wahlberg is not only a successful actor and model, he is also a well-established producer who has acted as executive producer of HBO series ‘Entourage’.

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