substance abuse faces Contrary to what some may think, many seniors don’t typically want to live in the home of a relative; for as long as possible, they want to live on their own. In fact, research shows that only about 1 in 1000 would prefer to live with their kids. This population is not helpless by any means. The facts indicate that Americans over the age of fifty own 75 percent of all American assets and spend half the money. Close to 70 percent of them still own their homes. They vote and are often more active in the community than are those who are younger. Many even exercise regularly and work out at gyms.

The Truth: There are plenty of binge drinkers out there who abuse alcohol only a few days a week, yet do as much if not more damage than the daily drinker. Did you know binge drinkers are more likely to take risks such as driving while intoxicated? Binge drinkers are also more likely to get alcohol poisoning, which occurs when they drink too much alcohol in too short a period of time.

Most public health messages are based on the tobacco principle. Tell people its bad and do not allow any wriggle room. It is fair to say that tobacco is not healthy in any amount (although like with all poisons less is better than more). However with foods and alcohol the situation is not as clear-cut.

drug abuse facts Oxygen has been proven in studies to support improved memory retention and better concentration. This is due to its ability to boost blood flow to the brain and improve neurotransmitter production. Short exercises and meditation have been shown to improve short term memory loss, a condition which is always linked to asphyxia (lack of oxygen).

Putting drug’s negative facts into every household so families and friends can read them is the most broadly effective way to slow down the druggies and their life-threatening messages. When accepting new challenges, someone once said, “You’ve got to start from where you’re at.” It’s the same with spreading the facts about drugs throughout society. The more people who hear and read the “truth about drugs,” the better chance society has of fighting the good fight in the war against drugs.

Lie to your lawyer: We are here to help you. Your communication with us is privileged, meaning we can’t tell others about it, except in certain child abuse scenarios. The more we know, the more we can help. We need to know everything, the embarrassing, the ugly, and the secret. If you have a drug, alcohol abuse facts, or gambling problem, tell us. You have two options: (1) Disclose and likely hear from your lawyer that your secret or problem is irrelevant to the court process, or (2) Fail to disclose and have your case hurt at trial because the other lawyer knows facts you haven’t told your lawyer.

  1. Non Cooperation of the victim during abuser prosecution is too often the cause for dismissal of abuse cases, however some states no longer require the victim to follow through and now continue prosecution when enough evidence allows. This is know as the no-drop policy.
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