The DuoLife Brand


DuoLife is the answer to market needs. It has been created with special care, taking into consideration all details. Day after day, DuoLife builds up its position on the Polish market.

We have been connected by passion, enthusiasm, and our common goal.

We have always tried to be one step ahead. In 2012, having verified the market trends, we could not be indifferent to the dynamic growth of the continuously developing wellness market, both in Poland and the world. The decision about further development and creation of the brand dedicated to this line of business was quite natural. Thousands hours of work was spent by groups of experts and specialists in different disciplines, numerous consultations, and the common goal resulted in creating a very exceptional product: DuoLife Day and DuoLife Night.

Products are available through our website on US market.

The business is in the pre-launch stage and will become official during the first months of 2017.  Yes, we are looking for partners.


About the company

Together we create our history to make your history be part of our success.

DuoLife is a new brand in the market. It was built on a solid financial foundation – supported by an experienced team of professionals.

DuoLife is an innovative product on the market. It was created by Polish experts and a Polish producer accordingly to the highest international quality standards.

DuoLife is a venture where everybody can find a place for themselves using very attractive forms of cooperation.

The motto that we have followed since the very beginning of creating this project is:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
P. Drucker

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