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ProCardiol® is a plentiful source of natural substances that protect the whole circulatory system.


Diet supplement ProCardiol® is a plentiful source of natural substances that protect the whole circulatory system. Supporting heart action and protecting blood vessels, but also regulating the level of cholesterol, it helps to maintain the optimal condition of the cardiac muscle, blood vessels and veins.


Hawthorn extract it strengthens the heart function, regulates blood pressure and circulation. It increases the supply of oxidized blood to the cardiac muscle, simultaneously increasing the strength of heart beats, which makes heart work more efficiently. It is recommended during the time of recovery after the stroke, but also to people whose cardiac muscle is weakened because of the stress or disease.

Hibiscus flower extract is an excellent source of anthocyanins, flavonoids and organic acids. As a plentiful source of unsaturated fatty acids, it provides required level of cholesterol and protects the liver. Polyphenols included in this extract neutralize free radicals. It allows to maintain required blood pressure in a natural way.

Red grape skin extract it contains numerous amount of flavonoids and natural antioxidants, which protect against heart diseases. They increase the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and stop the oxidization of the „bad” one (LDL) which prevents the process of formation atherosclerosis changes. Regulating lipid metabolism it reduces the risk of any possible problems connected with circulatory system.

Pomegranate fruit extract is rich in vitamins from B, A, E and C group and linoleic acid which allow to preserve the circulatory system in an optimal condition. It improves the process of blood supply to the heart and reduces the absorption of “bad” cholesterol. It is called to be the strongest known antioxidant as it shows even three times better antioxidant activity than, famous for such properties, green tea or wine.

Chokeberry is the healthiest berry of all. It strengthens, toughens and tightens blood vessel walls in order to regulate their permeability. It reduces lipid oxidization which prevents from layering cholesterol in the artery walls. As a plentiful source of vitamins, mineral elements and microelements, it has important nutritional and antitoxic properties.

Motherwort is used to ease heart problems, especially those of emotional background. It reduces blood pressure which increases the efficiency of cardiac muscle. It is a great source of phenylpropanoids which can protect heart and circulatory system, but also flavonoids which strengthen blood vessel walls.

Scutellaria baicalensis georgi biologically active compounds, which are its ingredients, effectively remove heavy metals from the body and stop harmful changes that exist in the blood vessels area. Flavonoids prevent blood platelet aggregation, improve microcirculation and stop capillaries permeability increase.



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