Looking for where to go on holiday and want somewhere with a good night scene?

Check out our guide to Alicante nightlife for more information and ideas on where to spend your night and hang out.

 Alicante has become a favourite with the budget airlines and as a result the cheap nature of flights to the destination has drawn tourists in.  10pmis the starting time any self respecting Spanish person would even consider socialising. If you turn up to a club before 1 or 2 am, expect to be the only one in there.

You will be the first one out if you leave before five in the morning.

 Alicante has a lot more civil nightlife than somewhere like Benidorm and is much more in line with a typical Spanish night out. Also, it is quote easy to start a bar or pub crawl as because of the small size of the city, the nightlife is normally cramped within a small number of streets, so stumbling between each place is simple.

To kick off the evening, you might want to take a stroll down El barrio in the old quarter and sample some of the many pubs it has to offer.  Ten years ago, this place was a hive for criminal activity, but the government spent big turning the area around and it's the only place to be seen for quality cafes and terrace bars.  If you are looking for something with a bit more life, the port area is where you need to be.  One of the most popular bars in the whole area is Potato, which serves up good music and tapas, but beware, drinks are more expensive in the port area.

After the bars and clubs, you might want to head over to a nightclub. The most popular is Pacha Explanada, which needs no 'Explanada' as to where it is situated (sorry!). Part of the chain of internationally renowned nightclubs, it has a fantastic view of the harbour and parties until dawn. If you haven't the budget for a night in Pacha and want something a little bit different , there is the fantastic Celestial Copas.

It's a music laden fun evening with a backdrop of art and religious imagery.

 What might come as a shock for how small the city is, is that it has a big gay scene with people travelling from all over Spain to sample it. And when the locals love an area, you know it's worth it.

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