While the Change.org petition is close to becoming one of the most popular on its website, whether it will have any effect is another question. 

According to a recent study, the first three stimulus checks helped reduce hardships like food insufficiency and financial instability. For many struggling families, that’s not enough to bounce back from lost wages and benefits. So far during the pandemic eligible adults have received a max of $3,200 and children have received $2,500.

People who are looking for employment in private homes should be able to find the good household staff agency in their area or region and be able to register with them so that they, in turn, will find them jobs.

The best place to find such an agency is through the local press or the internet. Good agencies run websites that make it easy for job seekers, as well as employers, to find one another.

Given Biden’s most recent remarks, it’s unlikely that those enhanced benefits will be renewed after Labor Day, but we will continue to follow the economic rebound and the debate over unemployment programs over the summer.

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More than half of Americans say they’re PESSIMISTIC about…

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A local attorney managed to source photos of the crime scene that suggest Snow was in fact beaten to death, according to The couple had been celebrating their 10-year anniversary but Snow was found dead after just one night away. No relief in sight: Some 80 wildfires that have destroyed… The name of the resort has so far not been released by authorities.  

Years of paralysis, corruption, declining state services and growing unemployment had already soured many Tunisians on their political system before the COVID-19 pandemic hammered the economy last year and coronavirus infection rates shot up this summer.

“COVID-safe marshals will encourage physical distancing and the wearing of face masks in mixed areas of the building and gathering in high traffic areas will be discouraged,” the presiding officers said in a joint statement.

The second dimension – the internal dimension – is the ability and willingness of qualified individual team members to value differences and share their unique perspectives.

2 – An investment in team development of communication skills and the development of an understanding and acceptance of different behaviors, values and skills as essential to the best possible outcome.

2 – A willingness to share with others – and the communication skills to do so. Clear goals, sufficient resources, and effective team composition that recognizes cross functional contribution are all crucial to team success.

This internal dimension requires the following from individual team members

1 – The conviction that the power of the group is greater than the power of any single individual.

3 – It’s crucial that leadership and sponsorship of teams be assigned to the top line leaders who will directly benefit from the team’s contribution, as the means of keeping focus on results.

6 – A climate and culture that accepts and encourages differences.

7 – The maturity to persist even after individual views are not accepted as part of the solution.

8 – A respect for leadership and a respect for followership.

3 – An attitude and belief in plenty – plenty of opportunity for contribution, plenty of recognition for participation, plenty of reward for accomplishment.

4 – Having trust in their own perceptions – and believing their view is as valuable as anyone else’s.

5 – Persistence in presenting individual views – while at the same time broadening individual views through listening and interacting with the views of others.


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