Hey what is up my name is Keo,

and welcome to my channel if you’re new

here i’m a university student and in

this video i’ll be taking you through a

tour of my

Desk Setup for 2020.

My desk has gone through pretty big

changes in terms of

where things are placed from primary

school to high school to

university. And because i can actually

afford what is on my desk right now

I feel like this setup is the most

comfortable and pleasing to me

there are three things that i go for for

my desk setup that is aesthetics,

ergonomics and productivity.

So we’ll

start off with the desk

I can’t really tell you too much

information about it because it has

literally been here for more than 10

years ever since we moved into the house

but it still holds up pretty nicely

there are a few dents and scratches here

and there but

overall it still looks nice and I like

the fact that it’s white and looks clean

then we move on to the second most

important thing on the desk which is my


I feel like this is a due upgrade since

I have been using my old laptop for

almost five years now and it’s still

good for everyday work but it’s just

too slow for my workflow and I felt like

i needed an upgrad e once i get into university.

This laptop is the Asus ROG Zephyrus GU502

It’s a little over a year old but for

any of you that are interested this

beast is running the

i7 9750H processor and RTX

2060 graphics

It also has 32GBs of ram

and 1TB of SSD storage

I might have gone overkill with the

specs but i’m sure it will last

maybe five or six years hopefully even

more with these specs

As for peripherals personally i like the

wireless experience, it makes the desk

less cluttered so i went for a

wireless mouse and yshield tech keyboard

the mouse that i have is the Logitech G602

I’ve used it for almost four years now

and yshield tech I like it because it’s ergonomic

there are lots of customizable

buttons on the side and you can set

macro keys to them which really improves

my productivity

the keyboard that I have is the Anne Pro 2

mechanical keyboard

this keyboard is probably one of my best

purchases this year because it just

makes the typing experience much more

satisfying and enjoyable especially when

i’m subjected to type

long essays when there’s school

I bought this off carousel for half the original price because

I’m broke af and originally

the keyboard is white but I decided to

get some off-market black pudding

keycaps so it kind of offsets the table

a bit and looks more contrasting with

the white desk

it has per-key RGB lighting and via software you

can customize it to

whatever you want

The pudding keycaps

really makes the RGB pop

when it gets dark so i think it looks

pretty neat

typing asmr

Then we move on to accessories

To the left of my laptop there is a

charger/speaker dock and on it there is

a 3rd Gen iPad

They’re both a gift from my aunt and I use

it only for playing music

because the speakers on it is crisp and

clear even on lower volumes

I used to dock my iPod on there but it’s

just too hard to use the small controls

so i settled with the iPad instead

To the right of my laptop

there is my favorite thing on my desk

which is a desk light

I absolutely love it, it’s cute af

and I feel like it adds character to my desk setup

especially at night when I don’t

need to use the main bedroom light

I can just turn this light on and gives

out a nice warm ambience

on the back of my laptop there is a

small ledge on which i put anything

miscellaneous on it just for decoration

purposes like a fake ikea plant

a crystal ball a fidget cube and my

brother’s broken phone

this ledge also acts as a good alcove

to hide the cables

To keep my table as clutter free as

possible i tried to minimize the amount

of visible cables on the desk

to do that i routed my laptop charger

behind the speaker and both of these

wires run up the corner of the table up

to the main plugs which is on the shelf

above my desk

to keep myself comfortable while sitting

at my table for many hours a day

especially now, I have invested in a few


an office chair, a foot rest and a laptop


both the height and the armrest of the

chair is fully adjustable and I

especially like the recline lock on the

chair so I can adjust to my liking while

I’m doing different tasks

but typically i like to recline a bit

while I work or game (mostly game)

just because it’s much more comfortable

To keep the monitor at eye level I


a laptop stand and stacked my high

school notes at the bottom to raise the laptop

It improves cooling of the laptop and

you don’t have to crane over to view the


which is not really good for your neck…

While I enjoy the somewhat minimal

design to my desk I still wanted to add

some character to my workspace

so on the left hand side where the

wardrobe door meets the table

I have stuck things that I found

meaningful on it like cards, polaroid

some watches and some kpop related items

just to add a bit of color and character

into the space

On the right side of the table there is

a shelf where I put the rest of my


on the top there’s a lot of playing

cards some books and notebooks

in the middle is where I put my everyday

carry like wallet earbuds

and portable charger

on the bottom there

are toiletries

cases for my glasses and other

miscellaneous things

The more time that I spend on my desk

the more I think about how I can improve

my desk setup both aesthetically and


without compromising my wallet

and what I need on a daily basis

As for now I’m more than pleased

with my desk setup

I’ll type out most of

the items you saw in the description

down below if you are interested in any of them

Hope this video inspired a look to you guys

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And if you have any questions,

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that’s it for this video

Hope to see you in the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay Safe


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