Surrounded by cold cement walls, only a thin sliver of 3 inch wide window gives any indication of a world outside. Two inches of stiff vinyl-covered ‘mattress’ separates my sore body from the cement floor. Ignoring the pain shooting through my limbs, I lay on the mattress in the only way possible, counting the dozen inches between my feet and the open commode. Although my preference would normally be to lie where I can see outside, the close proximity to the toilet intervenes. For now I prefer to face the steel orifice, my head 3 inches from one of two permanently placed steel stools. The irony is not lost here. My life is in the toilet.

drug abuse facts “Everyone tries it ” is a common belief among parents of today’s youth. There is a difference between “trying it” and substance abuse and addiction. It is important as a parent to keep your eyes open.

alcohol abuse facts The Truth: The high-functioning alcoholic is a well-known phenomenon. This is the high-powered executive or professional who slams back drinks after work, but always manages to get up in the morning and never forgets to take care of business. For now, anyway. It’s important to really look at how drinking might be impacting your life, even if you are managing to function at a high level. Is your spouse complaining about your drinking? Have you driven while intoxicated and were just lucky you didn’t get caught? Do you ever brain feel pain as if you are dancing as fast as you can to prove you can keep up the drinking and still meet your obligations?

Learning how to stop panic attacks has been the challenge of my lifetime. Here are some tips I use for coping with panic attacks and anxiety that you may find helpful too.

substance abuse faces As you can see these alcohol statistics paint a very bleak picture. Chances are if you are reading this then you are concerned with the amount of alcohol you or someone else is consuming. Here are 3 ways to help reverse the damage done by consuming alcohol.

Age can cause hair loss. When the body advances in age there is a gradual decline in cellular function including hair follicular function which will result in hair thinning and increased hair loss. Such loss of hair and baldness problems caused by age can be treated using drugs such as minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which increases blood supply to the scalp when it is applied onto the skin of the scalp. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the scalp, thus stimulating all hair follicles that had gone into the resting stage to come back into the production line and increase hair growth.

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