alcohol abuse facts 21. Often it is mocked, deemed foolish and comic when a man claims being a victim of domestic violence, however studies show that men lose their life to domestic violence at similar rates as women do.

These questions stimulate discussion in areas by asking a broad question and allowing our child to give a specific response. They allow us to uncover deep-seated concerns that our loved one may find easier to keep buried. Easier does not equate with healthier! Sometimes we might learn more than we wish to hear, but to be a conscious parent is to choose to open the doors to good communication because it supports the future and establishes a life-long connection that empowers each person in the family.

  1. An abuser will assault a women in the stomach while she is pregnant as it manipulates the woman drastically as she does not want her baby hurt. This is what I call the 2 in 1, abusing 2 people with one stone.

drug abuse facts This month we focus on using Empowering Questions(TM) to help us stay up-to-date with our family members and maintain open doors of communication. Empowering Questions(TM) reconnect us as we tune in to where each of us is today-emotionally, physically and spiritually-as well as where we want to head tomorrow. They anchor us in love and create a safe environment for future discussions. When we can actively listen to and empathize with our children about everyday topics, they will be more comfortable confiding in us on “bigger” issues.

substance abuse faces Teens spontaneously commonly gather whenever a place comes available, this is not rare. While you may have hung out with friends at an arcade after school, your kids may be pharming. There are numerous latch key kids who have regular access to parentless homes while still at work. They gather there experimenting with prescription drugs. Where do they get them you may wonder, everywhere that’s where? It’s the hunt for drugs that is part of the fun challenge a sport if you will. Discarded or forgotten prescription drugs are found in the houses of family, friends and your own home. Teens pocket handfuls of prescription drugs left in medicine cabinets, bathrooms, old purses, suit cases, carry on luggage and on it goes as these kids get better at the hunt, the game!

  1. Teenagers feel emotions twice as intensely as adults, and this is a developmental fact. Intense emotional responses can impact their behavior, and so parents need to encourage teens to have appropriate outlets for emotional tension. Physical activity is particularly effective.

The causes of drug addiction are wide and varied. The key to stopping drug addiction is to get rid of those causes before they become a problem. People who have a history of drug use or abuse in their generation are at risk for drug addiction problems. It has been scientifically proven that children of drug addicts will exhibit addictive tendencies as people who are addicted to drugs usually follow set patterns. They all have an overwhelming desire or compulsion to continue taking the drug. They will obtain it by any means; allowing nothing to stand in their way.

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