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Yes, you must’ve heard it already. Spine Flu is no more a virgin word. It’s caused by spine influenza virus that usually affects pigs. However, the new swine flu having prospective ecumenical affects is a new strain of virus, H1N1 strain, 우리카지노먹튀 A type, containing genes of the swine influenza.

News is spreading like wild fire with warning that the swine flu can be transmitted via aerial droplets, for example when sneezing, or 우리카지노계열총판 via saliva or feces. Clinical symptoms generally seen are: fever, widespread pain, fatigue, nose catarrh and cough.

There have been cases in Mexico reported to have human-to-human transmission. Although many countries have been controlling airplanes to stop the virus from turning into an epidemic, 우리카지노총판 there was a 25 year old man tested positive in Hong Kong recently.

Although it was said that the virus might not touch Asia, Hong Kong has gone frantic with its attempts to isolate the person affected and give him appropriate treatment. They have actually tried tracking down every person who possibly had contact with the man while his travel from Mexico via Shanghai.

There were two taxi drivers who assisted the Mexican and if they are infected and they don’t appear, there shall be bad consequences. It’s a critical time in Hong Kong.

The attendants in the hotels where the Mexican was staying were quarantined for seven days. It is however an international joke that the Metropark hotel has been locked up even though most people in the hotel have not even contacted with the infected man and overseas tourist are under vigilance for 우리카지노계열총판 seven days.

China is soon to suspend all flights from Mexico to avoid further prospective infects. These frenetic preventive steps are because they’ve been through a painful epidemic with painful nostalgia carrying it, the SARS breakout which had taken away many innocent lives in its vicious circle.

Gearing up to fight the disease with facial masks in restaurants and on public transport, the spirit of the city hasn’t dampened as it hasn’t canceled any concerts and shows that are scheduled to happen in Hong Kong. Prevention is surely better than cure, but there isn’t any harm having fun while prevention. Don’t you think?