Genetic factors and age have been considered as two important causes of baldness.Interestingly, there are several hair loss conditions that are not attributed to either of these principal factors.

Is there a link between stressful life and scalp health, or does stress causes hair loss are some of the commonest questions being asked by patients who are suffering from baldness.It is difficult to establish the link between stress and baldness because almost every individual is exposed to stress as well as anxiety.

However, studies and research indicate a possible correlation between stress and hair loss of temporary nature. Anxiety may force scalp area to stop production of new follicles for a brief period.

Stress induced hair loss

There are certain varieties of hair loss that are commonly attributed to stress and anxiety. Let us have a brief understanding of these. As described earlier, the resting phase of follicles can lead to baldness if the number of such hair follicles is significantly large.

Stress is one of the causative factors of alopecia, which is characterized by your own defense system revolting against your body. This is leads to severe hair loss and is usually of irreversible nature. The condition is believed to be triggered due to stress and other factors.

In the third type of loss, a person may exhibit an obsession to pull out his or her own hair as response to stress or anxiety. The hair can be from any region of the body including even eyebrows and scalp to name just a few. These conditions can clearly answer your query, does stress causes hair loss or can stressful conditions be blamed.

Treatment options

Most of the conditions respond fairly well to anti-anxiety or stress reducing treatments. Stress relieving therapies such as yoga is considered to be the best treatment due to stress and anxiety.

In addition to this there are a number of medicines and nutrition solutions that can be prescribed by your doctor after studying the severity of hair loss and the associated stress.

Insufficient food intake is also common in people who are experiencing stress.This can lead to nutritional imbalance and may further aggravate hair loss. This underlines the importance of a balanced and rich diet. Doctor may also prescribe multivitamins to make up for loss of vital nutrients.

How to Make your Hair Grow?

Hair fall is a normal phenomenon. It should be kept in mind that the fall of 40-to-100 daily is considered normal.If you have short hair, this rate of fall may not be too visible. However, in case you have medium-to-long, this rate of hair fall is quite noticeable.

90% of your hair is made up of Keratin, Tratament cu keratina bk keraplex a protein that is an important building block of hair. To regrow thinning and falling hair, try replenishing with ample protein. For this, you could either eat protein-rich foods or have commercially prepared protein treatments.To regrow, you can have protein treatments such as protein packs, deep penetrating treatments, re-constructors, and light protein treatments. For best results, try scalp massaging with essential oils regularly.

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