Many experts around the world claim that this fruit is the most potent killer of cancer! Best of all, it has been found that it is 10,000 times faster at treating cancer than any other conventional methods. Graviola’s ability to destroy tumor cells is in Acetogenins, chemical components present in the plants from the group Annonaceae (which Graviola belongs to).

Acetogenins are capable, even in small doses, to kill off cancer cells and stop their development. This is because they inhibit the enzymatic processes occurring in membranes that are only in cancer cells. This is the reason why it won’t destroy healthy cells in the body, unlike chemotherapy. Also, Acetogenins are effective in eliminating tumors that are resistant to various drugs and therapies. Cancer cells can become resistant to the drug’s composition and also to drugs that are not related to them in terms of chemical composition (this phenomenon is called MDR).

Studies have shown that up to 14 acetogenins have devastating effects on cancer cells, and 13 of them are more effective in the fight against breast cancer with MDR than 3 of the most popular drugs used in chemotherapy.

Graviola strengthens the immune system instead of destroying it (which is a side effect of many anticancer treatments).

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